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About Us

COFFEE: a beverage brewed from the roasted and ground seeds of tropical evergreen coffee plants. We drink it.
COMMERCE: (1) social intercourse and exchange of ideas, opinions, or sentiments; (2) the activity of buying and selling goods and services. We do it. 
CATECHESIS: basic Christian religious education and a life-long process of conversion, formation, and learning. We need it. 
The Hosts
Travis Callaway Coffee, Commerce & Catechesis

Has worked in venture capital, portfolio management, advertising, university education, and technology.

Completed a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Master of Business Administration degree, the Chartered Financial Analyst program, and part of a Bachelor of Laws degree (dropout!). Currently completing a Master of Theological Studies degree. Big nerd.

Husband, CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien superfan, and parishioner at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church and Mary, Mother of the Redeemer Parish.

Raised Protestant (Baptist), became an agnostic pretending to be a (cultural) Christian, then a longtime practical atheist, then a "seeker" looking for truth, then had a temporary stop in Anglicanism, and then finally converted to Catholicism.

Rigel Raju Coffee, Commerce & Catechesis

Has worked in private equity investing, real estate, venture capital, technology, and advertising.

Completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Technology, a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Financial Services, and part of the Chartered Financial Analyst program. Sort of a nerd but less so than Travis, and has a social life.

Husband, mountain hiking and international traveling enthusiast, and parishioner at St. Luke’s Catholic Church.

Lifelong Catholic. 

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